Cuentas de diseñadores UX/UI para seguir en twitter

1.- Sebastien Gabriel -Senior Staff Designer at Google

2.- Jeremey Fleischer — Product Design Lead at Netflix

3.- Jeremey Fleischer — Consumer Experience Design Leader at Alexa, Amazon | ex Nike

4.- Sarah Doody -UX Researcher, Experience Designer, the Founder of Career Strategy Lab

5.- Jon Friedman — Corporate Vice President, Design & Research at Microsoft

6.- Jake Knapp — Author of SPRINT and MAKE TIME. Co-Founder at

7.- Crx Chai — Director Product Design, Disney+

8.- Daniel Burka — Director of product and design at the not-for-profit Resolve to Save Lives, an initiative of Vital Strategies

9.- Alex Ainslie — Head of design for google chrome

10.- Elizabeth Churchill-Director of UX, established UX Research for Google’s Material Design, Flutter, & Fuchsia



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